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Get free bitcoin

Free bitcoin, the word sounds too much interesting as well as makes saliva out when we know that bitcoin is rare like gold. But as someone said ” Nothing is free ” yes true nothing is free, if u calculate properly u will get that u are on internet , so cost to use internet is also considered, electricity , machine cost. These all are on your head, but getting bitcoin from the source i am gonna tell u is totally free for filling few captchas or u can say those websites are getting hits through free bitcoin offers. Every IP is unique for 24 hours so u can imagine if they get 1000 hits everyday from different IP means there website is getting 1000 UV hits a day which is quit big thing, many services are taking hundreds of dollar for providing Unique Visits ( UV ). This way u can understand that giving free bitcoin is not going to make burden on website owner head. But he is getting your hits on his site.

Anyways so here are two very good faucets which gives u free bitcoin , you can use these sites every hour for getting free bitcoin, same time when u are doing other works.

1. :- This site is giving 100 – 1000 satoshis every hour depends on your luck. I got many times 1000 satoshis. And given below is payment proof from MMOclub

MMOClub Payment Proof :- This site is giving random bitcoin from 300 Satoshi to 400 Satoshi every hour. All you have to fill one simple captcha and see what your luck works. So far i have not got paid from this faucet, but they are paying every monday. So i have to wait till then.

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